Specialized is a musical community concept that was created in 2012 to raise funds to improve the lives of teens and young adults with cancer or who living in difficult circumstances.

Specialized Records is a new direction for The Specialized Project. In addition to fund raising for good causes Specialized has also provided a platform for great musicians from across the globe. Specialized records has been formed to support and promote those artists that we have had the pleasure in working with over the years.

Specialized brings together amateur and professional musicians with the shared goal of creating musical projects to create income, which in turn is passed on to cancer research and support agencies, particularly The Teenage Cancer Trust and now The National Foundation for Youth Music. This has been achieved by the production of themed albums supported by live music events across the UK. To date we have released four compilation albums and string of singles. As well as encouraging the production of musical releases by artists supporting our aims Initially working within the genres of reggae and ska music we now embrace musicians from across the world of many musical styles. Specialized is very aware of how musicians are often pressured to donate their time to charities sometimes to unmanageable extents and it’s with this in mind we’ve strived to create a positive community that supports those who have given so generously to us.

We offer artists our platform to promote their own works through Specialized Records.